Street Pastors – an update from Perth

It is difficult to quantify conversations, especially with folk in trouble, but of the things which can be counted in the last year Street Pastors supported 179 vulnerable people, calmed 66 aggressive situations, removed 594 bottles, from streets did 79 referrals to agencies, ensured 33 people got home, etc.

Following a request from Perth Grammar School, School Pastors have started patrolling roads near the school on Friday lunchtimes.

Developments in Scotland
Following a request from Network Rail, concerned about the large number of suicides, rail pastors now operate on the Fife Circle and the Paisley lines.

Response Pastors were deployed at the request of the emergency services following the incidents in London, Manchester and Grenfell Tower.

There are now 45 SPs who have had additional training for availability in Scotland for major and significant incidents. Further training courses are being lined up.

These developments and additional training are being provided and new areas being developed as a result of designated funding from the Church of Scotland Guild.

What of the future ?
In an increasingly fragmented society where beneath the image more people feel isolated, the love of Jesus is the same yesterday today and for ever, and the need for people to listen care and help is increasing. How can we continue to represent Jesus and His care on the streets?

To enable this to continue and grow there are THREE NEEDS

As a result of 7 Street Pastors having to retire on health grounds in the last 2-3 months, we are no longer able to cover every Thurs and Sat (and Fri in Dec). There was one transfer from
another area, but no recruits from Perth and Kinross over the last year. Had this reduction happened a month earlier one of the nights which would have been affected saw a suicidal young woman on the edge of the river and….
We read “Jesus was moved with compassion”. Half a dozen Christians in P+K being moved would ensure better coverage. Do you know of anyone willing to be moved? Training is provided (and apart from the initial 4 sessions can be spread over 2 years) Please think pray act! Get in touch with any Street Pastors or

We are very grateful to those who contribute either to Perth Street Pastors or to ATS (the umbrella body for SPs in Scotland responsible for development, training, support, QA,PVG, etc)

It is not Street Pastors doing things for God! It is exciting to know God working in and through us. For this we are deeply grateful to our prayer partners and those congregational prayer groups which support us in prayer