News from the PACT AGM 2022

PACT welcomed Rev Paul Wilson from Work Place Chaplaincy  as its guest speaker at the 2022 AGM.

They also welcomed Rev Fiona Bullock, of St Matthew’s Church, as well as Jean Young, a new rep also from St Matthew’s.

Marianne  Anker-Petersen  has retired, and her husband Robin will very soon retire,  from their ministry at the Bield at Blackruthven, and warm wishes are sent to them for their retirement.  We look forward to welcoming Rev Pauline Steenbergen as the new Chaplain at the Bield.

We send good wishes also to Rev Nik Wooler who will be leaving Perth Methodist Church in September.

Sincere and grateful thanks were expressed to Very Rev. Graham Taylor, who has been our  Convener since 2018 and is now stepping down from that role.   Our new Convenor is Jenny Dawson from St John’s Catholic Church, with Andrew Howe from the Salvation Army  as Vice-Convenor.  Marjorie Clark remains as Secretary and Lorna Ferguson
as Treasurer.

Thanks were given to Our Lady of Lourdes Church who hosted the AGM in their new hall, and provided hospitality.