Church doors re-open in Perth

St John’s Episcopal Church recently re-opened for services, and are delighted to be back.  The service is also live-streamed on the website and Facebook for those not able to attend.  They also have a service on Wednesday mornings at 8.30a.m.

St Leonard’s in the Fields will open again for worship on 1st November.

The Kirk of St John’s has been open for Sunday worship since the beginning of September, and Rev John Murdoch has also been pe-recording a service each week – this will stop when St Leonard’s reopens.

Remembrance services:  The Poppy Scotland event at the Mercat Cross will not happen this year; there will be a service on Sunday 8th within St John’s but with limited capacity, and on Wednesday 11th, the church will be open for the laying of wreaths but again, numbers will be strictly controlled.   On Friday 6th November,   the new Veterans’ Memorial outside the East Door of St John’s will be unveiled.

The Salvation Army has also been open for worship since the beginning of September, with 50% of  the regular congregation attending and the other half receiving CDs of the service.  War Cry sellers are back on the High Street, and hot drinks and rolls are being served to homeless and vulnerable from Mondays to Thursdays.  Kathryn and Andrew are exploring the possibility of a take-away service on Christmas Day.  Info about their annual Toy Appeal will be circulated shortly, for those in other churches who wish to support it.

The Society of Friends has been meeting virtually since the beginning of lockdown – the advantage of using Zoom has meant that members in more remote localities (like Colonsay!) have been able to join in.  From this Sunday, some will return to their Subud premises and blended meetings will be held, with Zoom attendees joining those physically present.

St Matthew’s has been open for a number of weeks;  attendees are asked to book via Eventbrite or phone beforehand, as numbers are limited to 50 (as are all churches.) Services are being taken by two locums, Rev Anne Brennan and Rev Barbara Quigley.  A fortnightly newsletter is also circulated to members, and there are weekly meditations on a Wednesday morning and Coffee and Chat on a Monday (both via Zoom.)

The Bield at Blackruthven has been trying to keep open, but because of the restrictions on travel in parts of Scotland, there are not as many guests as usual.  They are now planning a virtual programme, including a Celtic Advent on 15thNovember;  details of all events will be circulated soon.   Worship has been conducted in the chapel, out of doors and also in the Barn space.   Marianne requested that we keep the Bield in our prayers as they discern their way forward.   Once again, she invited any of us living locally to use the Bield.

The Methodist Church got very close to re-opening but decided against as their congregation is mainly elderly.  Nik Wooler continues to record You Tube services which can be used for all the Methodist churches in Dundee, Angus and Perth areas.  She acknowledged the debt to her son who has been her technical guru!   Letters and cards continue to be sent to members and friends.   She is exploring with the Congregational Church what might be possible for virtual Christmas Eve and Christmas services.

The Congregational Church  continues with its weekly phone-in services.  The Church has been prepared for opening, but given the elderly congregation and the inability of offering lifts, they have not yet reopened.  Contact is also maintained via e-mail and newsletters.  Gordon Campbell also reflected on the impact which the lack of opportunities for meeting in their usual activities is having on people who find it hard to see any light at the end of this current tunnel.   There are discussions re the opening of the church halls for youth groups, but this is not proving very easy.

The North Church has now been open for 4 weeks, with prior booking.  Rev Ken Stott is also preparing a pre-recorded service, the Sunday service is live-streamed, and help offered to others by telephone.  There is a weekly pastoral letter and a fortnightly coffee and chat.  They are currently planning a Christmas newsletter.  Tulloch Net is still very busy, and the North Church is also helping with the City Centre Support Group.  

St John’s RC Church has been open for some time, providing daily masses from Tuesday to Friday, an evening mass on Saturday and 5 masses each Sunday.   “It is strange, different and very organised, but lovely to be able to gather together” said Jenny Dawson.  She also recommended

The Baptist Church has been streaming services via You Tube each Sunday.  Barbara Saunders reported that Euan Johnstone, who had addressed PACT last year about Young Life International, has now moved on to study for the Baptist Ministry.