Inside Out – Volunteers Please

‘Inside Out’ will be a regular bible-based ‘home group’-style facility allowing ex-prisoners, on release, to maintain and develop a church link. It will be jointly overseen by Perth Action for Churches Together and the Scottish Prison Service.

Quite a few prisoners find or renew their faith when they’re inside, but don’t always find a welcoming church when they get out. Church volunteers can help them find their way to a lasting church connection.

The plan is to meet weekly. Depending on numbers, volunteers will be asked to attend on a rotational basis (i.e. not every week). We are negotiating suitable premises. Due to Covid-19, face-to-face meetings are not currently possible, but we can arrange the preparation sessions online so that we’re ready to start when the Covid-19 situation allows.

At this stage I’m looking for interested people to sign up for the four planned preparation sessions. How the group operates thereafter will depend on the regulations surrounding Covid-19, and the Scottish Prison Service in identifying suitable prisoners for the scheme.

Andrew Symon

01738 643750